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The Do's And Don'ts

Dos and Don'ts

We appeal to all SAAF Fund members to practice tolerance and be sensitive to the needs of others, thereby contributing to an enjoyable holiday for all. Those on holiday must also realize that there are permanent residents at all resorts where the Fund owns its apartments.

To this end we ask:
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • That children are supervised and whilst being allowed to enjoy themselves, are not permitted to create disturbances that would bother or annoy other people.
  • That small children are supervised by an adult whilst using the swimming pool and that all users adhere to the Pool & Tennis Court Rules where applicable.
  • Only parking allocated to the flat may be used. No boats and caravans may be parked inside the complex. Small trailer parking is only permitted in the area allocated. Where applicable.
  • That no acts of vandalism are perpetrated. Please report vandalism to the Complex Manager or Security Guards or SAAF Fund Caretaker.
  • That no towels/laundry are hung over the balconies.
  • That no braai or any other equipment is left on the lawns where applicable. Only braai in the designated areas.
  • That garbage is placed only in the refuse bins.
  • That occupiers do not move furniture, play loud music, etc. late at night or early morning, as the noise travels easily and disturbs your neighbours. Where applicable.
  • That you do not remove plants pick flowers, or trim any flora on the common property.
  • That you obey the speed limit imposed inside the property. Lookout for children!
  • Make sure you are aware of the resort house rules.
  • Copies are available from the SAAF Fund office.
  • Members who do not comply with these rules may be told to vacate the premises or pay a fine introduced by the Body Corporate.

The Air Force Fund cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience experienced due to municipal power cuts or the lack of water supply at the resort. The Body corporate will take the necessary action to ensure that electricity and water is restored.

The Air Force Fund management will however assist within its means to solve the problem by requesting the Body Corporate to act on behalf of the member.

Members of the Fund are requested to exercise patience and accept that in some cases the Body corporate has no control over services provided by the Local Authorities.

Updated 25 June 2013