Holiday Accommodation

Holiday Accommodation
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Bookings of Air Force Fund Holiday Accommodation

Bookings open on the first Monday of October annually for the following year. The RCI calendar is used for bookings at SAAF Fund holiday flats and timeshare which means holidays wills tart on a Friday and end on a Friday to Monday (weekend ) or Monday to Friday (midweek). With SAAF Fund owned holiday flats members have the choice of a Monday to a Friday or a Friday to a Monday. Syndication weeks run from a Wednesday to a Wednesday.

Bookings for school holidays will be allocated, by means of a draw, during November. Bookings for non-holiday periods, for the following year, may be made personally or by telephoning 012 312 2281 throughout the year with effect from the first Monday in October.

1. Payment
    20% of total accommodation fees is payable on reservation and the balance 1 
    month prior to commencement of holiday. Timeshare 50%.

2. Cancellation
    a. Cancellation MORE than 2 months before holiday - deposit less 50% 
    b. Cancellation LESS than 2 months before holiday - deposit less 80% 
        refundable  ON CONDITION that the flat can be re let, otherwise you will be 
        liable for the total rent. You can't change the dates (only if its work or 
        medical related). Need proof (letter).

3. Bookings are NOT transferable

4. Occupation
    a. Only beneficiaries of SA Air Force Fund may utilise the accommodation.
    b. No family members/friends of the beneficiaries may occupy the 
        accommodation facilities unless the beneficiaries are also occupying the 

5. No pets allowed.

6. Identification
    Members must produce ID document to the caretaker on arrival to ensure entry to 
    the accommodation.

7. The Air Force Fund reserves the right to alter tariffs.

Wynand Bauer
Manager SA Air Force Fund

Updated  1 March 2018