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Going On Holiday

SAAF Fund Members Going On Holiday
Christmas is just around the corner and thousands of holiday makers will be leaving for various holiday destinations for their well-earned holiday break. In the spirit of Christmas, we appeal to all to practice tolerance and be sensitive to the needs of others thereby contributing to an enjoyable holiday season for all.

To this end we ask:
  • That children are supervised and whilst being allowed to enjoy themselves, are not permitted to create disturbances that would bother or annoy other people.
  •  That small children are supervised by an adult whilst using swimming pools and other recreational apparatus etc.
  • That nobody blocks access to any garage or entrance.
  • That no acts of vandalism are perpetrated. Please report vandalism to the Complex Manager or Security personnel.
  • That no towels or laundry is hung over balconies.
  • That you only braai where permitted.
  • That garbage is placed in bins provided.
  • That noise levels are kept at a minimum.
  • That you obey speed limits indicated at the Resorts. Look out for children!
  • That NO DOGS are allowed!
  • That monkeys are not fed they have become a nuisance. Keep doors and windows closed especially when leaving the flat.
The SAAF Fund Manager and staff wishes you a blessed Christmas, a wonderful New Year and a terrific holiday.

To SAAF Fund Members
Why not spend a Millionaires Lifestyle holiday at a fraction of the cost.

The ongoing global credit crunch, cooling Property market and inflation have resulted in the majority of people viewing Holidays as a Luxury purchase. However, there is a privileged group of people who won’t be having sleepless nights over how they are going to afford that annual family Holiday. Who are they? They are the proud SA Air Force Fund members who share in the Air Force fund Holiday Flats and 78 timeshare weeks. Being a member of the SAAF Fund can save you a significant amount of money, allowing you to Holiday in places that would often be out of reach to most of us. Don’t you think it is time you reserve that well earned Holiday? You owe it to yourself and beloved family.

Don’t delay, bookings are now open for 2014.

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Updated 20 August 2013